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We highly appreciate the MNPX Events, and our coaches too. Gerben Edelijn is a great coach for me. Martin Koning ter Heege and Lukas Roffel support Leonard van Bommel with his R&D plans. Be sure, that we certainly benefit from MNP. Many thanks.
Wouter Bruins, CEO & Co-founder In Ovo, 2023.

Hearing the war stories from your scale-up peers, open & transparent, without self-aggrandizing window dressing towards potential stakeholders in the audience, is like a fresh breath of air. And never before we had a coach like our MNP-coach.
Wouter Biemans, CTO & Co-founder QuinteQ Energy, 2023. 

Wil Stutterheim and I had a very good MNP-session on Value-based Pricing. My feeling is that the group of scale-ups now knows each other better and that there is therefore more and more open communication.
Tiemen Dalhuisen, CFO In Ovo, 2023.

Make Next Platform, organised another MNPX – a day that is all about knowledge exchange, This time the focus was on the collaboration between the scale-ups that the platform has under its umbrella and their strategic suppliers. Effective cooperation proved to be based above all on open, mutual exchange of information, about the technology of course, but also about money.
Martin van Zaalen, Chief Editor Link Magazine, 2023

I just discussed the MNPX-session with my colleagues. All of us see a lot of potential to do a Deep Dive between MNPX and TechLeap for a broader group of major tech startups. This deep dive would be a great opportunity to give several companies a taste of what Make Next Platform (and their partners) could do for them.
Lech Bakhuizen van den Brink, TechLeap, 2023.