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The scale-ups in the program are innovative, promising companies. Although different in nature and type of business, they all belong to the self-creating manufacturing industry, and share the ambition to become successful in their international niche market. Having been admitted into the Virtual Accelerator of the Make Next Platform gives them a valuable quality stamp. These scale-ups have the potential to become global players with revenues of at least € 50Million per year.

Entry criteria

All scale-ups in the program have passed a rigorous selection process. Only the best can survive in the global market.

  • Innovative high tech manufacturing company in The Netherlands
  • Scaling up with working prototype
  • 10+ employees; One or more existing clients
  • Adequate governance
  • Technology readiness level ≥7
  • Global revenue potential ≥ € 50Million

Currently Make Next Platform works with the following scale-ups. Portfolio

OEMs drivers of growth

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are important drivers for growth, innovation, productivity, and export, as practice shows. Make Next Platform’s vision reflects that increasing the number of OEMs will strengthen the Dutch economy, its ecosystem, its international position, and attract human talent.

Make Next Platform (MNP) has expressed its commitment to support brilliant, emerging OEMs (eOEMs) in becoming new growth engines. The MNP Founders know how hard it is to make complex hardware. By directly offering their network, expertise, experience, and competent help, they contribute to removing bottlenecks and providing solutions, and more importantly, to the ability to execute of these young companies.