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Make Next Platform was founded in 2016 by premier OEMs ASML, Huisman, Vanderlande and Stichting TechnologyRating. Thales NL joined as a Co-Founder in 2019. Together they support young, innovative, promising high tech firms in scaling up their activities. They put their network, competencies, expertise, and experience at work in answering questions that these scale-ups encounter in their development.

The partners of Make Next Platform aim to secure and expand the leading position of the Dutch high tech manufacturing industry. Our partners

“We need strong and innovative manufacturing companies that are willing to leave the beaten tracks and push technology further.”
Peter Wennink, CEO


ASML (1984) is a key player and innovation leader in the fast-paced industry that makes it all happen. The company is the world’s leading manufacturer of chip-making machines. It provides chipmakers with hardware, software, and services to mass produce patterns on silicon, increasing the value of the chip by lowering manufacturing cost. All top chip companies worldwide are customers.


Thales Group is one of the biggest electronics companies of Europe with a strong worldwide presence. The company serves five key sectors: Aerospace, Space, Ground Transportation, Digital Identity, and Security & Defense. The company is a key player in keeping the public safe and secure, in guarding vital infrastructure and in protecting the national security interests of countries around the globe. Thales Netherlands (1922) delivers key solutions for Defense, Security, and Transport.

“Innovate faster by connecting innovative manufacturing players.”
Gerben Edelijn, CEO Thales Nederland

“The self-creating manufacturing industry and its ecosystem enable an optimistic future for the Dutch economy and should be cherished at all times.”

David Roodenburg, CEO


Huisman (1929) is a worldwide operating company delivering step changing technical solutions to world’s leading companies in the oil & gas, renewables, leisure, and civil industries. The product range subdivided into six main categories are: Cranes, Pipelay Equipment, Drilling Equipment, Winches, Vessel Designs, and Special Projects. Products vary from stand-alone components to highly engineered integrated systems, from concept to installation and lifetime support.


Vanderlande (1949) is the global market leader for future-proof logistic process automation at airports. The company is also a leading supplier of process automation solutions for warehouses and in the parcel market. Its extensive portfolio of integrated solutions – innovative systems, intelligent software, and life-cycle services – results in the realisation of fast, reliable, and efficient automation technology. The focus is on the optimisation of its customers’ business processes and competitive positions.

“New companies provide energy and knowledge. They are great sparring partners.” 
Frank van Dijck, CTO

“STR reduces with its rating methodology information asymmetries between companies and investors. The rating reports provide Boards also with feedback on how successfully they are in executing the company’s business case.”

Fred von Dewall, Chair


Stichting TechnologyRating (STR) has developed a proven rating system for New Technology Based Firms, applicable to start- and scale-ups. The rating methodology reduces information asymmetries between companies and investors, facilitates better assessments of risk-reward and investment opportunities. STR has rated more than 500 companies at the request of Boards, Shareholders, VCs, and Investment Banks.

STR is the internal rating institute of Make Next Platform providing eligibility assessments of candidates for the MNP Virtual Accelerator.

Make Next Platform has two governing bodies: the CEO Board (CEOB) and the Executive Committee (EC). The CEOB approves the Strategy and Finance plan. The EC is the daily executive responsible for running the day-to-day business of MNP, its Virtual Accelerator, and its future strategy and budget. Our team

Members CEO Board:
Peter Wennink, CEO ASML
David Roodenburg, CEO Huisman
Gerben Edelijn, CEO Thales NL
Remo Brunschwiler, CEO Vanderlande
Fred von Dewall, Chair STR

Members Executive Committee:
Boudewijn Baud, Executive Rating Committee STR
Peter Berting, Director Global Business Development Huisman
Fred von Dewall, Chair
Frank van Dijck, CTO Vanderlande
Lukas Roffel, CTO Thales
Rob van der Werf, Director Public and Private Partnerships ASML

The partners open up their network and expertise in all available disciplines. Our coaches

Learn from each other

“Working for a large and dedicated company like ASML and having the opportunity to coach a young tech company like Bond3D is not just supporting the startup itself, but could also provide helpful insights that are beneficial to a large organization like ASML. Furthermore, and not in the least, being a genuine engineer by my own background, it provides a lot of fun for me too!”

Frank Schuurmans, VP Research ASML